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Importing cars

Choosing to import a car from Dubai or any of the Emirates in the UAE can be less expensive than buying the same new or used car from your own country of residence – even with shipping costs associated with importing.

However, the process of importing a vehicle from the UAE involves varying cost factors to consider – the cost of the car itself, the type of vehicle, and the country into which you are importing.

Import advice from Ghassan Aboud Logistics

Ghassan Aboud Cars offer expert advice and assistance with the whole process. Our Logistics office team are able to guide you through all the steps involved, from finances to duties, and other good-to-know information, to make importing your dream car from the UAE a reality.

A quick search of the internet will help you to find a plethora of articles and sites that can help you to import cars from Dubai. Your first glance will tell you that many of the articles and sites offering this information are only moderately helpful and in many cases, are erroneous in various ways.

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