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    Ghassan Aboud Cars
    Chassis with high-strength side members Up to 7T gross vehicle weight Reinforced suspension (Allowing up to 200kg greater load) Tough, reliable engines
    New suspension Optimized wheelbase for better driveability Best turning circle in its class (10.5 m)
    Ghassan Aboud Cars
    Rear-wheel drive 9 engines Highest power in its class (205 HP) Highest torque in its class (470 NM) Euro VI natural power at 136 HP 6-speed manual and automated gearboxes
    Ghassan Aboud Cars
    Car-style driving New seat, new control and new drive positioning Better soundproofing Greater forward visibility New climate control system New infotainment and navigator system
    Iveco Medium Duty
    IML1504- 15 Ton approx . 4x4 (ML150E28)
    IDC1804 - 19 Ton (ML180E28)
    Iveco Heavy Duty
    IAH6474 - 33 Ton GVW, 6x6 (AT720T47WT H)
    IAHL474 - 26-38 Ton GVW, 6x4 (AT720T47TH)
    IAHS483 - 18-20 TON GVW AS440S48T/P 4X2 MY23
    IDCT474 - 41 Ton GVW Chassis (AD380T47H)
    IDCB474 - BARCELONA IVECO AD380T47H 6×4 4500WB
    IDC6474 - 41 Ton GVW Chassis (AD380T47WH)
    IAHT474 - 120 Ton, 6x4 (AT720T47T H)
    IACT474 - 41 Ton GVW Chassis (AT380T47H)
    IACB474 - BARCELONA IVECO AT380T47H 6×4 4500WB/HP470 CH
    IAE4223- 33 Ton approx, 6x4 (AT380T38H)
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