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Dear friends and colleagues,

Our company’s 20 years of success is a reflection of the success story that Dubai has come to represent to the rest of the world. As a beacon of free trade and an unrivaled international business hub, Dubai’s continuing growth has allowed the Ghassan Aboud General Trading to become the leading automotive, parts and accessories exporter in the world. We are proud to be part of the UAE’s growth and prosperity. We excel in delivering customized automotive solutions to our customers– anywhere, anytime. We are revolutionizing the global automotive export business by going where others cannot and bridging gaps in international markets of all sizes.

A company’s true measure of success is ultimately defined not by what it has achieved in the past, but what it strives to become. Since its beginnings, the group has expanded to new heights, new markets, and new sectors in the global economy. In addition to vehicle exports, our group under the parent company Ghassan Aboud General Trading has established media, cultural, humanitarian, and general trading organizations and continues to further diversify its portfolio in other industries.

With a staff of 1,200 employees uniting over 30 nationalities under one roof, we strive to build a better future together. At the center of the global stage, revolutionizing our industry means that we must tirelessly work to stay ahead of the curve. Service and our core values is what drive us forward every day.

I thank those who were with the company since its beginnings, our current team, our customers, and our media and humanitarian team who all contributed to Ghassan Aboud General Trading’s success and worked tirelessly to be part of its continued growth and prosperity.

Yours Sincerely,

Ghassan Aboud
Ghassan Aboud Group

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